Web mapping applications are dynamic and browser accessable applications that allow you to interact with the map by navigating, searching, and selecting certain types of spatial data, like parcels. Available GIS mapping applications are listed below.

  • Solano County

    Use this application to search on parcel addresses and APNs to locate and view Solano County parcel information. Includes advanced parcel attribute search tools and Analysis toolbar with buffer, measure distance, enter coordinates, and more.


    Use this application to search for approximate names & locations of neighborhoods and subdivisions in Solano County, California. Many areas do not have firm borders. Realtors tend to refer to some areas by builder at times and other times reference a major road in the area, such as Collinsville etc. Many areas have overlapping as well as vague boundaries.

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    Use this application to view Solano County Registrar of Voters precincts, consolidated precincts, supervisorial districts, school districts, and other political districts.

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    Pictometry Online - EFS

    Pictometry Online Electronic Field Study web application. Username and password are required to access this application. Contact your agency's ReGIS contact for more information.

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