Select from multiple spatial data sets in Shapefile format. Solano ReGIS provides GIS layers for general mapping use only and does not provide legally authoritative data. The user assumes responsibility for any decisions made using Solano ReGIS sourced data.

  • Boundaries
  • Elections
  • Natural Features
  • Planning
  • Transportation


Layer Description Download
County 1 Solano County Boundary represented as a polyline. Zip file
County 2 Solano County Boundary represented as a polygon. Zip file
Cities 1 Polygon layer consisting of the city limit boundaries of the incorporated cities of Solano County. Zip file
Cities 2 This point layer contains the locations and names of 'populated places' within the County of Solano. Zip file
City SOI This layer illustrates incorporated areas associated spheres of influence that are outside the actual city limits, as designated by LAFCO. Zip file
Parcels - 2012 Polygon layer showing 2012 parcel layer boundaries with APN field. Zip file
Parcels - 2013 Polygon layer showing 2013 parcel layer boundaries with APN field. Zip file


Layer Description Download
Supervisor Districts Board of Supervisor Districts within Solano County, California. Zip file
Political Districts Assembly, congressional, and senate district boundaries. Zip file
Precincts - 2014 Solano County Registrar of Voters voting precincts for 2014. Zip file


Layer Description Download
5ft Contours Solano County 5 foot interval contour lines. Zip file


Layer Description Download
General Plan Polygon shapefile providing Solano County, California General Plan Unincorporated Area Land Use information. Zip file
Zoning Solano County Resource Mangement Zoning Designations as Amended through Ordnance #1670, adopted February 7, 2006. Zip file


Layer Description Download
Roads The TIGER/Line Shapefiles are an extract of selected geographic and cartographic information from the Census MAF/TIGER database. Zip file