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Where does this data come from?

We aim to provide connections to data that is from valuable and reliable sources. Some of the data we host or link to is created by Solano County or one of the many agencies within the County. Other data is made by our partners within the Cities themselves, and some is provided by professional services … Continued

Who manages the available data?

The short answer is that it depends on who created it. Some data is the responsibility of Solano County to maintain and we carefully identify that data so you know it comes from us. Other data we are not responsible for managing, but is created by recognized ReGIS partners or authorized representatives of trusted organizations.

What data is available?

We host a selection of data that is accessible through our online apps and tools, and we provide links to other known sources of data. There’s too much data to provide a comprehensive list of what’s available but our most used applications will always be available here: https://solano-county-ca-gis.proudcity.com/maps/  You can also access our hosted ArcGIS … Continued

What is ReGIS?

ReGIS stands for Regional Geographic Information Systems Consortium. It’s a group formed of partner agencies, cities and Solano County dedicated to working together to share spatial data, pool resources, and grow the capacity for GIS expertise across Solano County.

What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) is the term used to encompass the entire system that includes the software, hardware, and individuals that create, manage, and analyze geospatial data. GIS helps users understand the patterns, relationships, and spatial context of data!

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